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LC-MS/MS Service


Agilent 6470 Triple Quad LC-MS

[Metabolomics - LC-MS/MS profiling service]

Metabolites (non-volatile compounds) are separated using UHPLC with a C18 reverse-phase (or HILIC) column, and are detected by triple quadrupole MS using multiple reaction monitoring (MRM; precursor/product ion transition) with electrospray ionization (ESI) in either positive or negative mode. Authentic standards are employed to fully identify and quantify target metabolites from any types of samples (plant and food samples, blood, plasma, urine, etc.).


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GC-MS Service

GC-MS perkinelmer-1_edited_edited.jpg

PerkinElmer Clarus SQ 8 GC-MS

[Metabolomics - GC-MS profiling service]

Metabolites (volatiles, e.g., aroma compounds) are extracted using solid-phase microextraction (SPME) and analyzed using GC-MS under electron impact (EI) ion mode. A series of n-alkane (C7-C30) standards is employed to determine linear retention index (RI) of each compound. The volatiles are identified and quantified by matching the mass spectra from the NIST library, RIs, and using authentic standards.


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[Sugar profiling service]

Sugars are separated using a carbohydrate column, and are detected by RID.

[HPLC-DAD servive]

Chemical compounds having chromophore(s) can be analyzed using HPLC-DAD.


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